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Artists Fund at Festival of Arts, The

Artists Fund at Festival of Arts, The

“Without Artists There Can Be no Art.”

We are a non‐profit organization that assists FOA artists who are unable to work because they have suffered an unforeseen hardship and also provides career-enhancing funds.

The Fund has helped many individuals recover from temporary emergencies and return to their productive art careers. Additionlly, The Artists Fund Artist Enrichment Program provides award grants to FOA Exhibition Artists for art development activities to support & expand artistic expertise.

The Fund makes it possible for an artist suffering financial hardship due to major disasters such as floods, mudslides, fire, etc to take the necessary steps toward recovery. Additionally, the organization guides artists in taking proactive steps to minimize exposure to future hardships, while always respecting the dignity and privacy of those it serves.

The Fund enables artists, many of whom are not covered by any insurance, to request assistance to cover necessary medical treatments.

The Fund also works to reduce artists’ exposure to unexpected circumstances. Services recently initiated by the Executive Board include counseling, mentoring, scholarships, and a personal assistance program.

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