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New Swan Shakespeare Center (UCI)

New Swan Shakespeare Center (UCI)

New Swan Shakespeare Center at UCI, Claire Trevor Center for the Arts (CTSA) is dedicated to the investigation and production of Shakespearean plays and relevant theatrical works.

The name “Shakespeare” is practically synonymous with English literature, world literature and the art of theater. Balancing mythic archetypes with historical realism, political commentary and psychological insight, his works continue to speak across centuries and in multiple settings and media, thanks to the co-creative energy of directors, actors, designers, scholars, editors, translators, teachers, students, readers and audiences. Shakespeare’s plays are works of dramatic poetry, texts for performance, and unending resources for adaptation, allusion and collaborative world-making. Abounding in higher pleasures, the plays ask all participants in the interpretive and theatrical enterprise to exercise new forms of attention and imagination as well as stretch their historical knowledge and linguistic fluency. Such efforts are most often pursued in the shared spaces of theaters, classrooms and rehearsal rooms, where we learn together how to “find tongues in trees, books in the running brooks, sermons in stones, and good in everything” (As You Like It).

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